5th Edition Has Been Submitted to Routledge!

This afternoon we submitted all the word-processing, spreadsheet and image files that will make up the fifth edition of Television. We should be on-track for a fall 2018 release!

Highlights of the fifth edition include:

  • An entirely new chapter by Amanda D. Lotz on television in the contemporary media environment.
  • Discussions integrated throughout on the latest developments in screen culture during the on-demand era—including the impact of binge-watching and the proliferation of screens (smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, etc.).
  • Updates on the effect of new digital technologies on TV style. • Over three hundred printed illustrations, including new and better quality screen shots of recent television shows and commercials and new narrative diagrams.
  • A companion website containing color screen shots, a glossary, flash cards, and do-it-yourself video editing and sound exercises for students, as well as PowerPoint presentations, sample syllabi, and sample student papers for instructors. Simplified short links to online videos that support examples in the text are provided.
  • We’ve decided that “Critical Methods and Applications” sounds a bit stodgy. Watch this space for a new subtitle!

Author Bios

Jeremy G. Butler is Professor of Journalism and Creative Media at the University of Alabama. He has taught television, film, and new media courses since 1980 and is active in online educational resources for television and film studies.

Amanda D. Lotz is Professor of media studies at the University of Michigan and Fellow at the Peabody Media Center. She is the author of several books about television and its changes from the 1990s through the present.

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