Errata (5th Edition)

The following errors managed to elude our proofreading:

  1. p. 121: In Table 5.2, the heading, “Courtroom and Law Enforcement,” is mistakenly¬† used twice. It does not belong above¬†An American Family,¬†The Real World, etc. Instead, the heading for those programs should be “Docusoap or Docudrama.”
  2. p. 245: Figure 9.38 has the wrong aspect ratios for “Masked” and “HDTV”. It shows Masked as 2.85 and HDTV as 1.76.
    • Fig09-38 Aspect Ratio (Incorrect Ratio)
    • Masked should be 1.85. And HDTV, which is commonly known as 16 by 9, is rounded the wrong direction. That is, 16 by 9 is equal to 1.7777777 by 1. Thus, it should have been rounded to 1.78 and not 1.76.

      However, the relative sizes of the ratio rectangles are correct, even though the labels are wrong.
      Fig09-38 Aspect Ratio (Incorrect)

Errata in the previous, fourth edition

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