The Author

As I said over here:

I have taught television, film, and new media courses since 1977—at Northwestern University, the University of Alabama and the University of Arizona. As of June 2020, I am a professor emeritus of television and film studies and a Senior Fellow in the Blount Scholars Program at the University of Alabama and. To support my television courses, I wrote the textbook, Television: Visual Storytelling and Screen Culture—now in its fifth edition (formerly titled, Television: Critical Methods and Applications).

My previous book project, Television Style, was published by Routledge in December 2009.

I’ve edited one anthology, Star Texts: Image and Performance in Film and Television, and published articles on Mad MenER, Roseanne, Miami Vice, Imitation of Life, soap opera, the sitcom, and other topics in journals such as Cinema Journal, Journal of Film and Video, and Screen.

For some time now I’ve been active in online educational resources for film/TV studies. I created Screen-L and ScreenSite, two of the earliest Internet resources for film/TV teachers/students; and I served as the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ first information technology officer. (Read more about online and media projects.)

In addition to my duties as a film/TV educator, I also host a weekly radio program, All Things Acoustic, on Alabama Public Radio.

–Jeremy Butler