21st-Century Comedies Centered on Unmarried Women

I just put together a table of 21st-century comedies that are woman-centered and was surprised to see just how many of them had women creators, showrunners, and/or executive producers. Even if you drop out the EP’s that are just vanity titles, that’s an awful lot of woman-powered shows.

Can you think of any I’ve left out? It seems odd that I couldn’t find shows that launched in 2016 or 2017.

“w” marks shows with a woman creator, showrunner, executive producer.

2000–2008 Girlfriends (w)
2001–2007 Reba (w)
2005–2012 Weeds (w)
2005– The Comeback (w)
2006–2010 Ugly Betty (w)
2006–2013 30 Rock (w)
2006–2010 The New Adventures of Old Christine (w)
2007–2010 The Sarah Silverman Program (w)
2009–2015 Cougar Town (w)
2009–2015 Parks and Recreation
2011–2017 2 Broke Girls (w)
2011–2018 New Girl (w)
2012–2013 Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (w)
2012–2017 The Mindy Project (w)
2012–2017 Girls (w)
2012– Veep (w)
2013– Mom
2014– Broad City (w)
2014– Jane the Virgin (w)
2015–2017 One Mississippi (w)
2015– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (w)
2015– Younger
2015– Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (w)
2015– Grace and Frankie (w)

A Wikipedia book of these titles is available online.