Errata (5th Edition)

The following errors managed to elude our proofreading:

  1. p. 121: In Table 5.2, the heading, “Courtroom and Law Enforcement,” is mistakenly¬† used twice. It does not belong above¬†An American Family,¬†The Real World, etc. Instead, the heading for those programs should be “Docusoap or Docudrama.”
  2. p. 245: Figure 9.38 has the wrong aspect ratio for “Masked” It says 2.85.
    • Fig09-38 Aspect Ratio (Incorrect Ratio)
    • It should be 1.85. However, the relative sizes of the ratio rectangles are correct.
      Fig09-38 Aspect Ratio (Incorrect)

Errata in the previous, fourth edition

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