Elaine Stritch in The Honeymooners?

I recently learned that Elaine Stritch, who died in 2014, was in the original sketch for The Honeymooners that appeared on DuMont network’s Cavalcade of Stars, in 1951. That led me to a fruitless search for images of her in that sketch. But I did find a color photo of the program (with a camera poking into the frame on the left–see below) that I hadn’t seen before and a Life magazine, high-angle shot of the set that shows the boom microphone and a bit of the lights.

The Honeymooners... IN COLOR!

The Honeymooners… IN COLOR! From left: Art Carney, Joyce Randolph, Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows.

The Honeymooners's set.

The Honeymooners, on the set–showing the boom mike and a bit of the lights.