Friends floor plan

Artist Drafts Floor Plans of Sitcom Apartments

Melissa McSweeney found some very cool hypothetical layouts of sitcom apartments–not the sets, but the characters’ apartments as illustrator Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde imagined them. She explains:

[illustrator Iñaki Aliste] Lizarralde’s sitcom apartment renderings offer avid TV watchers a whole new level of insight into their favorite shows. For example, I feel that viewing the Friends floor plan helped me further understand the dynamic between Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Rachel. Not only do these four characters live extremely close to one another, but their parallel front doors both welcome visitors directly into the kitchens, indicating the characters’ capacities of hospitality and familiarity. The layouts of Chandler and Joey’s apartment and Monica and Rachel’s apartment are both very open and welcoming, as the only doors in either apartment hide nothing but bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets, which should logically be private even among close friends. Overall, the warm colors, welcoming layouts, and relative proximity of the characters’ apartments create an environment that cultivates close friendships: an essential element of the sitcom Friends. Check out the rest of these sitcom apartments and see if you can get to know your favorite characters a little better:


via Artist Drafts Floor Plans of Sitcom Apartments – The Airspace.