• Screen
    Alabama Public Radio (WUAL/WQPR/WAPR/WHIL, Tuscaloosa / Muscle Shoals / Selma / Mobile), producer and host, “All Things Acoustic“–streaming live Fridays at 8pm Central, 1993-
  • KXCI, Tucson, Arizona, substitute host, “Acoustic Alternative”.
  • WVUA-FM, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, announcer, "Progressions," 1983-1988, 1992. Listen to Progressions promos.
  • WNUR-FM, Evanston, Illinois, announcer, 1976-1978.
  • Jeremy Butler, on air at WBRU.
    WBRU-FM, 1972-1976; and WBRU-AM, Providence, Rhode Island; FM music director, 1975-1976; FM production director, 1976; FM announcer, 1973-1976; AM program director, 1974-1975; AM announcer, 1972-1973.

Film/video Production

  • Minecraft tutorials, basic how-to guides for the popular video game, screen captures, some made in collaboration with Ian Butler, 2011.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, Elevator Doors, super-8 film, 3 min., 1982, Click to view.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, Tuscaloosa: It’s Unique, super-8 film, 13 min., 1981. Click to view.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, Film Fundamentals, super-8 film, 7 min., 1980. Click to view.
  • Co-producer, co-director, co-cinematographer, co-sound (with Lilly Boruszkowski), Washday, 16 mm film, 25 min., 1979. Click to view.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, sound, Hommage Kit, 16 mm film, 8 min., 1978. Click to view.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, sound, Intro to Film History and Criticism (Paddy Whannel lecture), 16 mm film, 10 min, 1978. Click to view.
  • Producer, director, cinematographer, sound, Threshold of Boredom, 16 mm, 7 min., sound, 1977. Click to view.

Film Exhibition

  • UA Film Society (faculty advisor, 2004-2008)
  • Bama Theater, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Programming consultant, 1999-).
  • Sandburg Theater, Chicago, Illinois (Programming consultant, l979-1980).
  • Devon Theater, Chicago, Illinois (Manager, 1979).
  • Carnegie Hall Cinema, New York, New York (Manager, 1978).
  • Film Societies: Brown University (1973-76), Northwestern University (1976-80), The University of Alabama (1980-88)

Video & DVD Production

  • Producer, co-director, Television: Critical Methods and Applications, companion DVD for the textbook. Produced at the Faculty Resource Center, The University of Alabama, 2003.
  • Co-producer, co-director, scriptwriter, Man with a Video Camera, 33 min., produced at University Television Services, The University of Alabama, 1983. Click to view.


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Jeremy Butler
Professor Emeritus, TV and Film Studies
The University of Alabama
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