Cripes! A (Small) Humor 'Zine

Beaten But Unbowed
Brent Davis confronts the bow tie...and triumphs!
Hour Advice to You
Brent Davis: It's a cliche, but you've said it: "There aren't enough hours in the day." Now, through the use of scientific principles, it is possible to make the 24 we're given seem like 25.
The Incompleat Promoter
Brent Davis: Practical information about successfully navigating the rocky shoals of promoting a book. (Added 3 December 1997.)
Memo from Dale Furbish, Station Manager
Brent Davis: Re: Ms. Almon's Unexpected Absence.
On Underwear
Brent Davis: "I can't prove that a man is liable to buy his first pair of colored underwear within a year of becoming a father. But that's when it happened to me."
The Postmodern America Tour: Travels in Hyperreality
Jeremy Butler: Encounters with Niagara Falls in miniature, Trigger's hoofprint, and Whistling Dick (illustrated!)
The Quiet Toddler
Brent Davis: The terror of silence in a house with a toddler.
Rink Side Seats
Brent Davis: Hockey. In Alabama. Huh? (Added 3 December 1997.)
This Old Househusband
Brent Davis: Okay, men, listen up. We're going to talk about cleaning house.
Ukin' With Baby
Brent Davis: his son, his ukelele.

Created: 1994
Last modified: October 15, 1998
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